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Forth and Towne RIP

Friday, March 16th, 2007

It’s Friday. Will indulge a bit and talk shop about the Gap Inc. Been harping on this for a long time. On this blog. On my other blog. And on my YouTube channel.

Mind you, the Gap sites are pretty well done. There are still glaring issues though. From the get-go, the creation of the Forth and Towne brand never made an sense.

The oddest thing was that F&T was not set up for ecommerce. Huh?

Do I think there is hope for the Gap? Yes. But they need to make a few important changes.

Nicole Miller Gets Intimate with

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Nicole Miller is a fashion icon. Fact. Don’t even bother trying to dispute that!

The news is out that Nicole Miller has created a lingerie line. The collection will be sold exclusively @

This is a link to the Woman’s Wear Daily article: Nicole Miller Forges Deal With
Link to the Nicole Miller Lingerie Collection on

Trust me. This is a trend; an established offline brand partnering with a successful ecommerce company.

Everyone wins; BN is aligned with a solid brand. NM gets immediate online access.

The Original

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

We have spoken. In the past. About the new shoe and bag site from Amazon,

Just from poking around the blogs, it appears that people are somewhat confused about this move by

Well, newsflash. Anyone who doesn’t get this is not very well versed with ecommerce. However, those enmeshed are aware that shoes and luxury goods (handbags) are like the best stuff to sell online.

These categories continue to grow in online sales. And the margins are good, in contrast…to loose diamonds and engagement rings.

Last night, whilst snooping for insight, I stumbled across another

The domain is actually And the site just happens to be an adult fetish site.

I wonder if they are experiencing an unexpected increase of traffic. LOL.

miss (2).JPG

Filling the Gap

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Out of the goodness of my lungs, I created a new product for the Gap.

It’s tres cool. At least IMO. Did you know that IMO stands for “in my opinion”.

Taking this abbreviation to further lengths, my friend uses the term IMHO as in “in my honest opinion”. Wild! It is a super time saver, especially if use the expression quite often.

The new product can be viewed on this clip.

P.S. You can also check it out at!

Amazon Employees Read (blogs)

Friday, January 12th, 2007

In case you needed more proof that Amazon is on a mission to divide and conquer the spoils of ecommerce; I have some for you.

Keep in mind that Amazon is not new to the scene. They predate pretty much everyone on the web. Which means they’ve got more know-how and experience than Walmart and myself put together….JK.

Anyways, yesterday, after a long dry-spell of blog-relief, I wrote about the new shoe and handbag site from The site is called

Guess what? Nope. I am not pregnant. Close though. 29 Amazon employees read my blog post. The very same day I published it.

amzn (2)1.JPG

What’s the big deal? Well, I have a tiny blog. Sort of like a mini-me blog. Yet Amazon still managed to FIND my post and share it with the fellow suits. Compare this to Gap where most employees there are of the belief that a blog is a mild medical condition.

FYI, for the Amazon peeps reading this; I have a cool idea for a viral video clip about Want to assist me with this?

Endless Bad News for Gap

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

It’s been so recent since I last blogged, my coffee is still hot!

Dude, what’s up? You go silent for weeks, then you start pumping out blog posts. Dude, wtf?!”

In response I say “Dude, you are right. My bad. A tear rolls down my rugged cheek.”

As if things could not get any worse for Gap…things have actually become worse!

1) More executives are leaving. To me, this comes as MAJOR surprise. Based on the way the company has been running, I was entirely convinced that weren’t any executives in the first place!

2) There is more., I tiny online retailer, based out of the small hick town of Seattle, has opened up their own Shoe and Handbag website. Everyone, please meet

I am slightly congested in my nasal region, yet I can still smell the looming corpse of
, which also sells handbags in addition to a billion pairs of shoes each day, should be mildly concerned. is not someone you want to compete with.

However, offers FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. Read that again. No kidding.   Plus there is free returns as well.

Back in the day when I was knee-deep in the ecommerce universe, I constantly argued that  overnight shipping would be a wise choice. Why? Because it makes online shopping not just more convenient, but it also decreases the time advantage of the physical store.

When I shop, I went it ASAP. Yesterday! If I don’t need something, I am not buying it. (most of the time ;-) However, my biggest vice with only shopping is the delay of receipt. practically eliminates this issue. You can buy your shoe and and eat it too! (Eat it as in wear it….)

So Zappos and the other shoe sites are monitoring this development very closely. Trust me. I know these things.

But for Gap, which has not done anything right since…I don’t even recall… just means they have another big thing to worry about.

Stay tuned. I might be working on a Gap YouTube clip…

187348yegd_w (2).jpg
GAP executives on the run 

beware of the

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

I am unsure at this point if anyone has grasped the situation. So, I will inform. The title of my previous BP (Blog Post for the slackers who forgot the newly minted abbreviation) appeared in parenthesis. Do I not rock? Am I not the sultan of irreverence? Who does that? Nobody? Until I showed up.

Yes. Of course. Ten years down the line, some punks will begin to adapt to my gonzo form of blogging. However, let it be known; I was the first. It was I who set foot on this path. Who paved the road to the dainty destination.

As has been corroborated in various forms of analytical software, this wretched blog garners a minuscule amount of traffic. Am I ashamed? Not quite. In fact, I think it would behoove me to create a bumper sticker that boldly reads “I am the proud owner of a shitty, shitty blog”. Hmmm. Maybe even kitchen magnets. Mugs. Heck, I can create an empire!

So; so few of you actually come here. We are therefore a close-knit community. Whether you like it or not. This is the reality.

It has come to my attention that one of our dear siblings has been given the shaft by, I site once gloated upon, by me, on this very parcel of cyber property. Here.

Brothers and sisters. We cannot sit by idly and fold our hands while one of us deals with this calamity.


The question is: does the have the predeliction of lying out of their ass?It seems that others have been taken advantage of as well. You can read more here. And is part of

Consider yourselves warned!

jcrew coupon code

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Truth is, as stated in my previous post, I may want out of this blog. But before I might leave you stranded….just need to preform a public service.

You see, I just checked by blog stats for the day. And of course, it was another pitiful day of traffic. However, there was a glaring glare facing me in the face.

The blog got a bunch of traffic from people googling for a “j crew coupon code“.

jcrew (2)2.JPG

Makes sense. After all, today was Cyber Monday. Many moons ago, I wrote a post titled “yahoo suggests jcrew coupon code“. As a result, if you make a search for “jcrew coupon code“, my blog is on the first page of results. (If that achievement alone does not make me sexy, I give up.)

Problem is…that specific post does not contain any coupon code. So, essentially, people are coming here for nothing; cause you and I both not, there aint nothing to read in this joint. (To defend myself just a bit; that blog post does inform people how to find current coupons…)

Problem solved. I think. And hope. Below is a newsletter from today. If you scratch the email, you can actually sniff Jcrew CEO Mickey Drexler. The offer is “free shipping on orders of $175 or more“. Pretty crappy coupon in my opinion. The code is: FSA-1127.

coupon (2).JPG

Can Gap Get Anything Right?

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Gap has a shoe site. It is still in business. The site is pretty. Besides the green. What gives? It’s an ugly color. The blue is nice though.

We know that Gap is hemorrhaging. Btw, if anyone is a Blood Type O, we urge you to donate some blood to Gap Inc. This cadaverous clothing company is in need of a blood transfusion. In fact, with a bit of irony, Product RED has been a blessing for Gap.

To put things into perspective, AIDS is the best thing that has happened to Gap in years.

Things at Gap are so crappy, I hear that the citizens of Africa are raising money to help out this struggling corporation!

So, the geniuses at Gap decided they needed celeb power for Piperlime. To who did they turn? Rachel Zoe! What the hell were they thinking?

rz (2)1.JPG

Check out this new poll from US Weekly Magazine.

nr (2).JPG

Good going Gap. I can always rely on you for an entertaining gaffe!

Walmart Versus Target: Web Edition

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

The other day, not today, there was an article in the WSJ. The paper. Not the online edition. Not in swim suit edition of the Journal either. It was in the standard print WSJ.

The article was about how online retailers, specifically, ebay, amazon and overstock, are losing ground to traditional retailers, in particular, Target & Walmart.

FYI, there was another piece in today’s WSJ (yes, it’s the only paper I read) about Walmart stores being a boost to malls! All the foot traffic is a benefit to the other shops. Cool, no?

Anyways, I noticed lately how Walmart & Target are both ramping up their online presence. Screen shots are from today.

Target is running a promotion with David Blaine. More here.

target (2).JPG
wmt (2)1.JPG