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JCREW Final Sale

Friday, March 9th, 2007

The most bizarre thing. A while back I blogged about jcrew coupon codes.

A bit later, I discovered that the above post was attracting traffic to my site as a result of people searching for  “jcrew coupons“.

Point is, the traffic has held up and has even increased. People are coming to my site with the hope of finding jcrew discounts, jcrew coupons, jcrew deals, jcrew sales etc.

So, people are coming here. It is my duty to be a gracious host. From now on, I will try to update this site with Jcrew coupons.

There is a Sale. Going on now. Click here.

crew (2).JPG

jcrew coupon code

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Truth is, as stated in my previous post, I may want out of this blog. But before I might leave you stranded….just need to preform a public service.

You see, I just checked by blog stats for the day. And of course, it was another pitiful day of traffic. However, there was a glaring glare facing me in the face.

The blog got a bunch of traffic from people googling for a “j crew coupon code“.

jcrew (2)2.JPG

Makes sense. After all, today was Cyber Monday. Many moons ago, I wrote a post titled “yahoo suggests jcrew coupon code“. As a result, if you make a search for “jcrew coupon code“, my blog is on the first page of results. (If that achievement alone does not make me sexy, I give up.)

Problem is…that specific post does not contain any coupon code. So, essentially, people are coming here for nothing; cause you and I both not, there aint nothing to read in this joint. (To defend myself just a bit; that blog post does inform people how to find current coupons…)

Problem solved. I think. And hope. Below is a newsletter from today. If you scratch the email, you can actually sniff Jcrew CEO Mickey Drexler. The offer is “free shipping on orders of $175 or more“. Pretty crappy coupon in my opinion. The code is: FSA-1127.

coupon (2).JPG

Jcrew Flatters the Gap

Monday, October 9th, 2006

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. (Not sure who “they” is. But whatever.) Gap therefore should be feeling quite flattered. Either already. Or after someone from Gap Inc notices what has taken place.

Some basic background; Gap introduced the Skinny Black Pants. The ads featured Audrey Hepburn. Gap Inc has been ecstatic with the results of the concept/campaign. You can watch the commercial on YouTube.

Guess what Jcrew just introduced? None other than “the little black pants”. Screen shot below from Jcrew email below. Link to the page.

jcrew (2).JPG

So many decisions. Do I want the black skinny pants, or the little skinny pants? Ms. Hepburn must be rolling in her grave.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “War of the Trousers”.

jcrew boasts the boot

Monday, September 18th, 2006

If you need boots, has them for you. On this page. Starting from $148. if you do NOT need boots, well then, it’s your loss.

In other Jcrew news, they have a banner running on the bottom of that is not working. Both in explorer and in firefox. The link seems to be from Linkshare. The & avon creatives are functioning just fine.

crewn usatoday (2).jpg
I added the sad face because banner ads have feelings too!

Bite Me

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

At first, I wanted to call this post, News Bite(s) Me. As in, News Bites + Bite me. However, this did not work out. So, I went with the simplistic trite expression of “bite me”.

Jcrew is promoting suits for women. Business suits. Not bathing suits. I know this for a fact. Link. PLUS, they sent me an email to keep me in the know.

Battle Media launched a digg prototype for the search industry. This is a post from my other blog (shameful self-promotion).

Yahoo offers a gridiron benefit to expatriates. You can move out and still get the NFL!

Google Checkout offers more stores. Actually, these stores were part of Geckout from day one. These shops just took a long, long time to go live.

In other Geckout news, another merchant has good things to say. The merchant is also happy to be quoted. I am getting weak knees just from blogging about this! We hire White AND Black models!

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Big news. has updated their homepage, after weeks of showcasing an overworked stray dog.
The content though is the same old. They are still promoting the 20% sale and is “going, going, gone“.

Oh yes. is politically correct. Kudos to JCG for being racially tolerant and incorporating an African American model to the all American Family!

jcrew-com gets pc (2).jpg

Is that a real pic, or did Jcrew use poli-shop? (= politically correct photo-shop), flattens shipping fees

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Listen up. It’s now or never. is offering $4.95 shipping on any online order.

Coupon code is FS-495. Go the the site and buy ME something. Thanks! Oh yes, Mazal Tov to Pepperjam!

jcrew ship (2).jpg

Yahoo Suggests “jcrew coupon code”

Thursday, August 24th, 2006
(This is a VERY old post. For a NEW jcrew coupon code, click here)
An interesting offering by Yahoo search. This involves clothing retailer J. Crew Group, Inc.��(Public, NYSE:JCG).
Go to yahoo & search for the term ““.Above the search results, Yahoo suggests ” Also try: jcrew com clothing, jcrew com apparel, jcrew com coupon codeMore…

Naturally, when clicking on the “ coupon code” link, you will get a results page full of coupon codes.

This is a great feature for the consumer. Yahoo makes it easy for the online shopper to save money at

jcrew yahoo (2).jpg

The only question is; is this feature good for the retailer? (in this case

It is without prophecy that I can assure you that would much rather consumers shop directly through their site,, as opposed to going through an affiliate.

Why pay an affiliate if you can generate the sale on your own? However, it must be mentioned that this yahoo feature, offering coupon codes, might be increasing the conversion rates for

Cookies @

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Not the food. The magazine. Naturally. First I discovered this on their site. Given the scarcity of site updates, the Cookie promotion was an exciting discovery. (screen shot).

cookies site (2).jpg

Then also sent me an email (screen shot)! The newsletter confirmed my cookie sighting.

cookie email (2).jpg

Want a Cookie? Check out the new children’s collection on Crewcuts.

Cookie Magazine is a Conde Naste publication. This is their media kit.

So far, the J. Crew Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:JCG) promotion is not mentioned on the Cookie site. Who knows? Maybe it will even show up!