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Forth and Towne RIP

Friday, March 16th, 2007

It’s Friday. Will indulge a bit and talk shop about the Gap Inc. Been harping on this for a long time. On this blog. On my other blog. And on my YouTube channel.

Mind you, the Gap sites are pretty well done. There are still glaring issues though. From the get-go, the creation of the Forth and Towne brand never made an sense.

The oddest thing was that F&T was not set up for ecommerce. Huh?

Do I think there is hope for the Gap? Yes. But they need to make a few important changes.

Walmart Versus Target: Web Edition

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

The other day, not today, there was an article in the WSJ. The paper. Not the online edition. Not in swim suit edition of the Journal either. It was in the standard print WSJ.

The article was about how online retailers, specifically, ebay, amazon and overstock, are losing ground to traditional retailers, in particular, Target & Walmart.

FYI, there was another piece in today’s WSJ (yes, it’s the only paper I read) about Walmart stores being a boost to malls! All the foot traffic is a benefit to the other shops. Cool, no?

Anyways, I noticed lately how Walmart & Target are both ramping up their online presence. Screen shots are from today.

Target is running a promotion with David Blaine. More here.

target (2).JPG
wmt (2)1.JPG

The Anarchist Rabbi

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

To give you all a glimpse of a glimmer of a glimmer of a glimpse. Not sure where that came from. Wait. I am sure. In a Woody Allen film, back when they were still funny, we must be going back to sometime in the 1920’s, Woody had a line that went something like this “this is a travesty of a travesty of a travesty of a travesty.” For whatever reason, it was much funnier when I actually watched it. If you’ve seen it and you feel my delivery was even funnier, why thank you!

So, I grew up in an Orthodox community. Catholic. Kidding. Now I feel guilty for making such a lousy joke. Anyways, as an adult, I have consciously decided to remain within my society. Mainly for the free room and board. And all the herring and pork in the freezer.

People always ask me: “say, do you have the time“. To which I respond “yes, in fact I do. But I was sworn to secrecy and cannot divulge this information“. To which they reply: “OK, you cannot share the time with me. Jerk. But, I was wondering if people ever leave your community and do their own thing….To which I reply “it’s 11:15 AM and we are missing The Price is Right. And yes, as is the case with every society, people move out (as well as in)“.

When I was in Yeshiva (Hebrew for college without any fun), there was a guy who was called the Captain. I have fond memories of him stomping on top of my table, whilst I was in the midst studying an ancient text about a cow that tramples a garden (sheer irony). The Captain was truly an entertaining character. I did not hang out with him all that much, except for when he would walk on my table. Still, he was a charming fellow, with a good sense of humor and a brilliant head.

Several years later, I heard that the Captain had enlisted to the US Army. (The name “captain” was more than just a silly nickname!) He has since served in Afghanistan & Iraq. This is his blog. And his MySpace FAQ. He is angry. And well-spoken.

This has been a glimpse.

The CIA Hiring via Google Ads

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

I noticed this a few minutes ago while gmail chatting with a new friend. It’s very comforting to know, from a privacy perspective, that not only is Google serving me ads targeted to my email, but that the ads are from the CIA too!

cia job (2).JPG

The Google ad copy reads “Clandestine Careers”. I circled it for you ’cause I’m a stud. That would suck; having a job and having to keep it a secret. Like everyone thinks your an unemployed bum, when in fact, you are serving the country!

This is the landing page for the ad. They need some language people. The great thing is, if you click on the ad, the CIA will probably trace your IP address and dispatch a recruiter to your house. Within the hour.

In case you were concerned about working for the CIA, they created a flash page to dispel the myths.

Oh shoot. I have to end this blog post now. Someone is knocking at my front door. It’s a guy dressed in a dark suit and wearing a pair of sunglasses. I think he’s a federal agent….

Page Six Continues to Smear Keith Olbermann

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Earlier this week, I blog about Page Six “picking on” poor Keith Olbermann. I had a theory about all of this as well.

Anyways, today, Page Six of the NY Post has another Keither Olbermann piece; this one elaborating on the plight of his unsatisfied romping partner.
Call me crazy, but this is starting to get suspicious. This is the third time in less than three-weeks that Page Six of the NY Post has written shameful stuffs about Keith. The first time was about Keith overreacting to the anthrax hoax. The second and third times were about Olbermann’s lackluster libido. Notice the pattern; all three raise serious questions about Mr. Olbermann’s manhood.
I can’t say for sure, but this is beginning to look like an orchestrated smear campaign to bring down Keith Olbermann. Just so you know, Page Six staffers CAN be bought-off/influenced to write or not write about specific people. Richard Johnson did this, in opposite mode, for Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis

olbermann (2).jpg

(same pic below)
more ob (2).JPG
ob 3 (2).JPG

NY Post “Page Six” At War with Keith Olbermann

Monday, October 9th, 2006

As of late, it appears that Page Six has an axe to grind with MSNBC anc-whore Keith Olbermann. First, I will present the facts. Thereafter I will present my theory.

In today’s Page Six (10/09/06), there is a story about a woman who was disappointed with Olbermann’s bed-prompter skills. She even created a blog about her hardships. (His hardship was lacking.)

A few weeks ago (09/27/06) Page Six ran another story teasing Olbermann about being afraid of the white powder envelope hoax. Here’s a quote: He asked to be taken to St. Luke’s Hospital, where doctors looked him over and sent him home. Whether they gave him a lollipop on the way out isn’t known.

Does Page Six take anthrax seriously? They most certainly do. The following day (09/28/06) they did a piece on Katie Couric omitting AMI from the anthrax onsalught of 2001. (Yes; it was annual anthrax week at Page Six…hence the multiple anthrax articles.)

So Page Six is making life a living hell for Keith Olbermann. As a gossip column, it is their duty. But why is Keith Olbermann a target? And why all of a sudden NOW has Olbermann become the personal punching bag for Paula, Bill & Richard?

Here’s my theory: Keith Olbermann has recently emerged as a hero for the Bush-hating left. Many of his anti-administration monologues have been highly viewed on YouTube. (Olbermann to Bush.)

ol (2).JPG

Is it possible that Page Six, through powers that be, is sending Keith Olbermann a non-too subtle message?

Rules of Ramadan

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

This explains why there is so much tension in the Middle East….

Don’t want to sound like an imperialist…but, with this rule in effect, I think the West will overcome.

Introducing the American Express Red Card

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

RED is the new good. RED is the new charity. RED (the charity not the color) was created by Bono (the singer not the clown) & Bobby Shriver.

And who is Bobby Shriver? Well, naturally, Bobby Shriver is the co-founder of RED! Duh.

Anyways, RED is red hot. The goal of RED is to raise money for “women” & “children” with HIV/Aids in Africa. (”Men” did not make the cut…)

As part of this noble effort, RED has partnered with iconic brands who are making their products available in red. These companies include Myspace (all decked in red) American Express (hence my blog title) Armani, Motorola & Gap.

Very ironic that a credit card is colored in red. Perhaps the color scheme will encourage cardholders to amass credit card debt!

img_card_homea (2).jpg

P.S. Unlike the Amex Black Card, the American Express Red Card is only available to UK residents.

“Censorship will be unapologetic”

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

This is a good article by James McGreevey. is an Israeli news website. Readers are allowed to leave comments on their articles. These are the rules:
The guiding principles of the talkback forum for this article will be mutual respect and an openness to dialogue. Participants, even if they rule out, dismiss or oppose coexistence, must, within the confines of this forum, practice it.

Censorship will be unapologetic.

Political orientation will have absolutely no bearing on whether a comment is posted or rejected.

The following will be grounds for deletion:

1. Racist remarks, as well as slurs on the basis of religion, ethnicity and gender.
2. Use of the terms Nazi, Hitler, genocide, ethnic cleansing, to describe the actions and policies of Israelis, Palestinians or other parties to the Israel-Arab conflict.
3. Disparaging remarks, personal attacks, vulgarities and profanities directed at other participants in the forum.
4. Advocacy of violence against individuals or religious, ethnic or racial groups, including statements which may be construed as urging attacks on leaders, officials, security forces or civilians.
5.Use of the phrase: “There are no Palestinians” or derivatives thereof.

Page Six Hiding the Evidence?

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

This morning began like every other morning. I got up, showered, ate and went online. To read the NY Post. My WSJ is in the driveway would just have to wait.

On Page Six, I read a story that was very familiar to me. Titled “New Club Chock-Full of Meaty Barbs“, the piece was about the various celeb roasts that took place at the new Comedy Club in the Meatpacking district.

Online Version of Tuesday’s Page Six (09/19/06)

six tuesday (2).jpg

I was certain I had read the same exact story, not too long ago. In fact, my hunch was that this had appeared in a previous Page Six column. The fact that Page Six may have “accidentally” reprinted an old story was not news to me. I used to notice this all the time. This summer, thanks to my blog, I was able to blog about the Page Six Recycling Department.

So, the only question was, which day did the same story appear? My guess was sometime over the weekend, specifically Sunday. However, when I went to the NY Post archives and looked up Sunday’s Page Six, I could not find the story. I was frustrated. Not visibly. Just sub-consciously. I then checked Friday, Saturday & Monday’s Page Six. Still nothing. Now I was getting worried. Perhaps this was actually the first time this news item ran and I either had ESP or was just simple losing my mind!

Fortunately, I recalled a website that enables you to browse the print edition of the page. I created a trial account and looked up Sunday’s Page Six. And there it was! The same article did indeed run in Sunday’s Page Six. Almost verbatim. I felt relieved. I wasn’t losing my marbles. Page Six was falling back on bad habits.

Print Version of Sunday’s Page Six (09/17/06)

page six sunday (2).jpg

OK. So Page Six regurgitates news items over and over again. Big deal. However, the strangest part of this whole Page Six thing is that some how, the Meatpacking story from Sunday’s Page Six is miraculously absent from the online version of the NY Post. Is that a mere coincidence, or is Page Six doing their utmost to cover their slovenly tracks?

Print Version of Tuesday’s Page Six (09/19/06)
six print tuesday (2).JPG